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About Boca Wood Floors

For 8 years I was working for different hardwood flooring companies throughout Chicago and South Florida. Besides new installations, I refinished many wood floors that were over one hundred years old, so I adopted the same method of installation and finishing in order to give my clients a product that will last for life.

After I bought my house in Boca Raton, I finally had the opportunity to do my own wood floors how I wanted; and I wanted them to be just perfect, to last long, to look classy, to feel good when walked on, to be easy in maintenance, cost-effective, and non-toxic for our newborn who loved to crawl.

And I did it just like that, and the result was a very good wood floor at a very good price which became the foundation of my company, Boca Wood Floors.

          —Lucian Iudean, wood specialist

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