Boca Raton Wood Floors: care to prevent the damage and leaks


Care for Wood Floors

The number one enemy of any type of wood floor, when it comes to the finish, is sand and dirt. If dragged on your shoes over the floor it scratches it and leaves the wood prone to water and dirt infiltration so it is wise to leave your shoes at the door and enjoy your floors more intimately.

Care for your wood floor and clean it regularly by first vacuuming the floor using a soft brush attachment. After that use a moist, not wet, mop or rag to wipe your wood floor. If any liquid is spilled on the floor wipe it off as soon as possible to avoid any reaction with the finish.

When it comes to the wood, water is the number one enemy.
Our method of installation ensures that the wood is capable of breathing and adjusting to normal changes in humidity.

If water infiltrates in your wood floor from a leak or other source, first correct the problem, then remove the baseboards and run a dehumidifier in the affected area. Note that this method might not work if your floors were installed using different methods.

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