Boca Raton Wood Floors: natural waterproof finish


Natural Oil Finish

We use a non-toxic, natural seed oil which seeps into the wood and hardens to create a very strong waterproof surface. This oil also allows the wood to breathe, expand and contract, without you ever noticing any cracks or cupping, as you would with a regular finish that hardens into a film on top of the wood not allowing the upper layer to adjust to changes in humidity.

Another advantage of the oil finish is that it allows you to do touches to single boards, in case you scratch or damage your floor, and the touch up will blend right in, whereas a different type of finish will require you to sand and refinish the whole room and it might not match the rest of the house afterwards.

With oil you can easily take a small rag, soak it in oil, and rub it on the more trafficked areas whenever needed and you'll have yourself a brand new floor, thus avoiding the cost and inconvenience of having to do major sanding.

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